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Eagle CD Pin Welding System
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Eagle CD Pin Welding System

If you weld pins, nails, or even studs up to 1/4", EAGLE delivers the performance you should expect from a portable pin welding system! EAGLE's superior welding performance results from the proven technology we introduced two years ago with TALON, the lightweight system that revolutionized the industry for Cuphead pin welding.

EAGLE is perfect when Cuphead pins aren't needed and comes in a lighter, more portable package than TALON. It's priced less too. And EAGLE continues our built-in innovations to make it the most user-friendly system available.

Best of all, EAGLE can be counted on day-in and day-out, even in extreme environments. And it comes with a Full Three Year Manufacturer's Warranty to back it up!

Land an EAGLE and watch production suddenly take off on your next pin welding Job!