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Arc Double Pointed Pin
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The Double Point Weld Pin is an Arc Stud welded Pin in Mild or Stainless Steel. This type weld pin is ideal to apply with Arc pin welding or drawn arc stud welding equipment. Manufactured with a chiseled weld tip on each end, the Double Point Weld Pin is popularly used as an insulation fastener, in combination with locking washers (or speed clips) to retain insulating material. The unique double ended weld tips and proper stud welding equipment make this an economic and cost-saving metal fastener when stud welded in place. A main advantage of the Double Point Weld Pin is its ability to be properly welded to tough or contaminated surfaces without preparation of the area to be pin welded.

How to Order:
Ferrules are included. Self-locking washers are available in a variety of size, shape, and materials. Washers are sold separately.

Arc Double Pointed Pin

Material: mild steel
stainless steel