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CD Cup Head Pin
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The Cup Head, Cupped Head or mini-Cup Weld Pin is a mild steel fabricated part made up of a Weld Pin and a staked-on Speed Clip, or retaining Washer. While some variations of material are available, the most popular style Cup Head Weld Pin is a mild steel weld nail with a galvanized-coated mild steel retaining Washer (all Stainless parts, usually called Quilting Pins, are also popular and available for welded and non-welded installations). This product is usually applied with a capacitor discharge stud welder; however Arc and Drawn Arc stud welding equipment can be used. The method of application is to place the insulation onto a metal surface, push the Cup Head weld pin through the insulation, and weld affix (mount) the entire fabrication in one step. Cup Heads are widely accepted as labor saving fasteners in the thermal and acoustical insulation markets primarily for Commercial type insulation applications. Special care should be taken in properly designing and applying Cup Head insulation systems to allow for proper welding and maximum holding power.

How to Order:
Stainless steel available by special order. Paper insulating washers for welding through foil faced insulation can be ordered separately or factory installed.

CD Cup Head Pin

Diameter: 14 GA
12 GA
10 GA